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Self dotted curtains :
Self dotted curtains are made of jacquard fabric. A textured fabric featuring woven patterns. Because the designs are woven and not printed. The material is durable, heavy, and often gives off a regal vibe. Jacquard fabric is a type of material featuring an intricate pattern woven into a wrap on a special mechanical loom. So this fabric is all about the way that looks uniquely. The qualities of jacquard fabric are exceptional. Giving your home certainly the lavish style and energy efficiency it deserves with the jacquard curtains. Thermal properties of jacquard dotted curtains help keep summer heat and winter chill out of your home. Noise reduction up to 40% helps you get a sounder, more uninterrupted sleep It has a vast function in the house. In addition, They offer different styles and patterns so you will be able to manage the designs and shades of furniture. Above all, it’s the great choice for master and guest bedrooms, living rooms, kids and nursery rooms and more. Each package includes a set of 2 jacquard curtains. Slide any elegant rod through the top hole to hang these gorgeous curtains. In other words, Bring the elegance of the royal family to your home with these jacquard curtains.
About Self jacquard curtains :
Ready made curtains – set of 2 curtains which are easy to install and maintain.

High quality fabric – Durable and environment friendly fabric is used to make jacquard curtains.

Unique décor : Not the blackout curtains but still able to provide you with privacy and also filtering the sunlight.

Easy to care and maintenance : Easy to clean and machine washable . Do not bleach.
Features  :
Although there are some similarities among jacquard and other kinds of fabric.

But some properties that make them unique and look more attractive are

– Resiliency and strength

– Durability and stability

– Comfort level
– Wrinkling and wear resistant
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