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  Extensive range of reliable products: We are a symbol of reliability and credibility. Our main goal is to offer you the desired products whenever you want. Our site is designed to facilitate the customer in the best possible way. We have different categories of products, and the prices are also listed along with the product. This is why searching the item of your choice will not be an issue.

We have the Wide Range of Bed Sheets,Mattress Cover, Sofa Covers, Machine Cover, Curtains, Bedding, & Cushion Cover in Pakistan.  We use materials like JERSEY, JACQUARD, VELVET, Wooden, COTTON, Silk & Leather. You can order from All over Pakistan Like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gilgit, Kashmir and all the other areas of Pakistan.

  Skilled team and prompt order delivery: What most customers are skeptical about is that their orders will not be delivered on time. Some are apprehensive about getting damaged items or wrong delivery. Well, HB fabrics has a skilled and competent team. Our products that are shipped from the warehouse are carefully inspected before the order is dispatched. This way you will not have to face any disappointment when you receive the product.

 Competent and respectful customer support:  The customer support is the backbone of an online store. We surely understand the significance of this aspect. This is why we have trained support team. You will not have to worry about any delays because our team promptly keeps track of the orders. Moreover, the team can easily answer your queries. This is why you will not have to deal with any frustration when you communicate with the team.

 Affordable prices of items: Well we do understand the fact that prices are an issue when you make your purchase. This is why we have defined our rates in a way that people belonging to varying social status can afford our products with ease.