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Finest quality Bedsheets in Pakistan. Bedsheet Prices in Pakistan Available to Order with Discounts. HB Fabrics Focuses on comfort and relief of our finest bedsheets. We have been making these amazing fabrics to make your house heavenly satisfying.

Quality and Prices of Bed Sheets IN PAKISTAN :
Bed Sheets prices fall between the range of Rs.2000 to maximum 6000 in Pakistani rupees not more than that. Their price also depends on the material used and the style of the sofa.
We have a Wide Variety of Designs and Color Variations. Bed Room Enhancement Decor which will Mesmeriser by sight and delight to be touched.

Home Delivery
Our Factory Outlet 2019 can be ordered all over Pakistan Online. It will be delivered within 3 Working Days.
From time to time we do bed sheets sale online to give customers an opportunity to try our fancy and premium quality fabrics at low prices.
We are located in Faisalabad and we deliver to all over Pakistan (Nationwide).

We offer bridal bedsheets, bedspreads in Silk, Cotton, Wash n wear especially for occasions like marriage, parties other different events.

Our collection contains almost all the colours and designs which are used normally.

Payment Methods
Most of the orders are delivered in Cash on delivery bases but you can order us using jazz cash soon.

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